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Did you know that over 70% of job seekers try to apply for a job they are not even qualified for? By getting help from a crewing agency, your company/business will get the most qualified candidates within your timeline. There is an estimated 1,545,000 demand for seafarers worldwide making it more challenging to hire the best crew. 


Here are the top three benefits of using a crewing agency:


1. Save time and effort

Crewing agencies have the right interview techniques tailored to assess seafarers’ CVs, references, trainings, and certificates. That means your company will not have to go through these steps, saving you time, money, and effort. 


2. Expert recruitment practices

Labor law varies, especially if you need to hire seafarers. International Labour Standards on Seafarers are meant to protect both employers and seafarers. Legal rights are often reviewed by crewing agencies, helping employers understand and apply rules and regulations on the employment of Filipino seafarers.


3. Wide pool of candidates

Crewing agencies have a wide pool of candidates who are filtered based on position, expertise, skillset, and salary range. Most employers do not have the time and resources to constantly engage with applicants.  Crewing agencies have collected talent networks through referrals, networking, and pooling especially since the Philippines is one of the top suppliers of seafarers for both officers and ratings.


We can help you if you are looking for the right people for your crewing needs. Lacerta is a duly registered Philippine-based crewing agency with over 25 years of expertise and experience. 


Want to talk to our team? Email us at or call us at +632.8801.4269. 

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