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Stay informed with the latest news and updates from the maritime industry in the Philippines and around the world.


January 2024 News Updates

In a month marked by critical developments in the maritime sector, the Philippines faces challenges and opportunities that will significantly impact the nation's seafarers and its standing in the global maritime industry.

Global Unrest Threatens Filipino Seafarers' Livelihoods

Senator Imee Marcos issued a stark warning about the precarious state of the global maritime industry, coupled with an escalating geopolitical conflict, which poses a direct threat to Filipino seafarers' jobs. The incessant attacks by Houthi rebels on cargo ships in the Red Sea prompted major shipping companies like Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd to cease operations in the region. This, combined with rising costs, lower freight charges, and weaker demand, puts Filipino seafarers at risk of losing their jobs. Senator Marcos emphasizes the urgent need for the government to address these disruptive global events, which could adversely affect remittances, a vital contribution to the Philippine economy.

Standardizing Maritime Practices for a Competitive Edge

In a bid to fortify the Philippine maritime industry, President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. directed the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) to standardize its practices and align them with global standards. The President acknowledged the outdated rules and operations governing the maritime sector and stressed the importance of modernization. The proposed Maritime Industry Development Plan 2028 (MIDP 2028) aims to promote a highly skilled Filipino maritime workforce, modernize domestic shipping, expand overseas shipping, and enhance shipbuilding and repair capabilities. President Marcos underscores the necessity of standardization for the industry to compete effectively on the international stage.

MARINA Seeks Extended Partnership with French Maritime Expert

In a strategic move to enhance safety standards, MARINA has requested the French Embassy to extend the engagement of French maritime expert Emeric Faure. Faure has played a crucial role in bolstering safety standards for roll-on/roll-off passengers (ROPAX) vessels. This request was made during a meeting between MARINA Administrator Sonia Malaluan and French Ambassador Marie Fontanel. The collaboration, initiated through a memorandum of agreement in 2022, aims to strengthen maritime safety and security in the Philippines. The meeting also delved into legislative advancements, including bills related to ship registry systems and shipbuilding development, signaling the Philippines' commitment to regulatory excellence and safety in the maritime sector.

Lacerta: Guiding the Way in Maritime Excellence

In these dynamic times for the Philippine maritime industry, agencies like Lacerta play a crucial role in ensuring excellence and compliance. Lacerta, with its expertise in training and modern practices, stands ready to support the government's initiatives for a highly skilled maritime workforce. As the nation standardizes its practices and engages in strategic partnerships, Lacerta's role becomes even more pivotal in providing the necessary training and guidance. Through collaborative efforts, the Philippines aims not only to overcome challenges but to emerge as a leading force in maritime safety, security, and competitiveness on the global stage.


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