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Crewing Management

LACERTA has been providing quality crew to various types of vessels for more than 20 years to cater to to the requirements of our foreign and local principals. Our seafarers are personally handpicked to ensure superiority in the people we provide in terms of experience, competence, and dedication. At the same time, we take pride in our sincere service to our crew, providing assistance in all their requirements, which in turn, instils in them their commitment to their work.

Furthermore, LACERTA offers specialized service fit to  our ship owners' needs, going the extra mile to give our clients a smooth and hassle-free crewing experience. LACERTA creates a pool of seamen for each customer with readily available data relevant to our Principals. With LACERTA< your crewing needs are right at your fintertips.



Technical Management

We provide the necessary technical support to facilitate, on site, the maintenance of the vessels by creating maintenance schedules and through regular check-up of vessels. If repair, maintenance and dry-docking are needed. The role of LACERTA in this matter is to conduct a corrective plan which will be passed on to the partner company for approval before further action will be made aupon it. 

Overall Ship Management

LACERTA is committed to serve our clients by taking care of their ships in terms of Manning/Crewing, Technical Management and Maintenace and facilitation of ship's compliance, trading documents, and certificates.

Shipping Agency

LACERTA is partnered with industry leaders to become your one-stop-shop for all your shipping needs. We recognize the vitality for centralized service providers; hence, we are partnered with Cebu Asiana Logistics and FTM Brokerage and Port Services Inc., among tohers, to serve with us as your shipping agent, customs broker, cargo handler, project shipment contractor, ship chandler and other related services.

LACERTA caters to various types of vessels calling at any port in the Philippines. We are an expert in the industry, supported by years of our specialized experience. We provide very efficient costs to all our stakeholders, while maintaining good working relationships with immigration, customers, and government officers which strengthens our operational efficiency and benefit the bottom-line of our clients.

We can provide your crew requirements for the following types of vessel:

  • Bulk Carrier

  • General Cargo Vessel

  • Container Ship

  • Reefer Vessel

  • Cruise / Passenger Ship

  • Tugboat

  • Tanker

  • Log Ship

  • Yacht

  • Luxury Ship

  • Landing Craft Transportation (LCT)

  • Fishing Vessel

  • Ro-Ro Vessel

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