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Stay informed with the latest news and updates from the maritime industry in the Philippines and around the world.


August 2023 News Updates

Amidst the dynamic shifts within the maritime industry, it's the Filipino seafarers who hold a pivotal position. Anchoring itself within this realm, Lacerta, a prominent name in the shipping sector, distinguishes itself through a simple yet resolute mission: employing skilled seafarers and attentively tracking the industry's unfolding trends.

Seafarer Resurgence Amid Challenges

Amidst the shadows cast by the pandemic, the Philippines, renowned for its maritime labor, anticipates a remarkable recovery in seafarer deployment by year-end. The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) has voiced optimism, projecting that deployment will rebound to pre-pandemic levels. Despite these challenges, Lacerta continues to support the maritime workforce, acknowledging the resilience and dedication of Filipino seafarers.

Prioritizing Quality and Compliance

Lacerta's role transcends mere recruitment; it's about maintaining robust compliance with global benchmarks. The agency acknowledges the symbiotic relationship between public and private sectors in preserving these standards. Collaborative efforts ensure that the Philippines remains competitive in maritime circles, aligning with international expectations and safeguarding seafarers' competencies.

Advocating Seafarer Welfare

Lacerta's commitment extends to the well-being of seafarers, who often navigate grueling conditions. The agency is attuned to the trials faced by seafarers, and its involvement goes beyond securing employment. By endorsing the significance of upskilling, Lacerta empowers seafarers to confront the industry's evolving landscape, notably the transition to cleaner energy sources.

Championing Maritime Innovation

As President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. highlighted, the industry is steering toward innovative horizons. The paradigm shift towards eco-friendly practices demands skilled seafarers capable of handling advanced technologies. In the face of these changes, Lacerta's initiatives align with national visions of fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Shaping the Maritime Future

Lacerta's role in the maritime narrative is indisputable. It signifies a conduit for proficient seafarers, a guardian of quality standards, and a conduit for staying aligned with global industry trends. By nurturing seafarers and keeping pace with maritime dynamics, Lacerta is instrumental in shaping a promising maritime future for the Philippines.




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