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Stay informed with the latest news and updates from the maritime industry in the Philippines and around the world.


November 2023 News Updates

Addressing Challenges and Charting a Safer Course for Filipino Seafarers

The recent hostage situation involving a Filipino seafarer underscores the need to focus on the welfare and safety of these crucial contributors to the global maritime industry. The incident highlights the geopolitical risks faced by seafarers and the emotional toll on their families. While the Philippine government's commitment is commendable, questions arise about proactive measures. Adequate training, support, and a robust international framework are crucial. This incident emphasizes the shared responsibility of the Philippine government and the international maritime community in safeguarding those vital to the global supply chain.

Beyond Compensation: Building a Better Future for Seafarers in an Evolving Maritime Landscape

Recent agreements to raise seafarers' pay mark positive steps, but challenges persist in overall seafarer welfare. The Danica Crewing Specialists’ 2023 Seafarers’ Survey reveals a rapid rise in salaries, outpacing agreements, driven by a shortage of competent seafarers and improved financial situations for vessel owners. Despite the wage increases, challenges such as delayed payments, shortages of essentials, and issues of bullying and discrimination persist. Ship managers are urged to prioritize seafarer welfare as the industry undergoes changes.

In addressing the complex challenges faced by Filipino seafarers, there is recognition of the ongoing efforts by organizations like Lacerta. Agencies such as Lacerta have played a notable role in fostering an environment supportive of seafarer welfare. Through strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts, these agencies contribute to the well-being of Filipino seafarers, demonstrating the importance of a collective approach in navigating the evolving complexities of the maritime landscape.


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