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Stay informed with the latest news and updates from the maritime industry in the Philippines and around the world.


September 2023 News Updates

In July 2023, Filipino seafarers significantly boosted cash remittances, showing their unwavering dedication amid economic challenges. Sea-based workers, including seafarers, contributed to a 2.6% increase in cash remittances sent through banks, totaling $2.99 billion. This growth, particularly from sea-based workers, highlights their vital role in supporting both their families and the Philippine economy.

Seafarers' Impact on Remittances

Cash remittances soared by 2.6% in July, reaching $2.99 billion. Sea-based workers, including Filipino seafarers, played a crucial role in this surge, contributing $560 million. Their continued support amid challenging economic conditions underscores their dedication and resilience.

Lacerta's Contribution to Seafarer Welfare

Lacerta, a leading agency in the maritime industry, understands the unique challenges faced by seafarers and actively contributes to their welfare. Beyond recruitment, Lacerta is committed to ensuring that seafarers are prepared to meet the evolving demands of the industry, particularly as it transitions to cleaner energy sources.

The agency's role extends to upskilling seafarers to confront the industry's dynamic changes. Lacerta's initiatives empower seafarers to adapt to new technologies and handle alternative fuels, addressing safety challenges associated with these transitions.

Lacerta's Impact on the Sea-Based Industry

Lacerta's involvement significantly contributes to the sea-based industry's growth and sustainability. Prioritizing quality and compliance with global standards, Lacerta ensures that Filipino seafarers remain competitive internationally. Collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors, as advocated by Lacerta, maintain these standards while safeguarding seafarers' competencies.

In conclusion, the surge in cash remittances in July 2023, driven by seafarers and sea-based workers, highlights their unwavering commitment to their families and the Philippine economy. This support plays a crucial role in the country's economic stability. Moreover, Lacerta's proactive approach to seafarer welfare and industry trends positions it as a valuable contributor to the sea-based industry's growth and the continued competence of Filipino seafarers. As seafarers face evolving challenges, their dedication and Lacerta's support remain essential pillars of the maritime sector.


Remittances reach 7-month high in July - BusinessWorld



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